How to solve the problem of unstable water outlet quantity of thermostatic shower valve

2021-03-11 15:30:07

When the hot water comes from the solar water heater and the cold water comes from the tap water, sometimes the water outlet quantity of the thermostatic valve varies from large to small alternately. Today, let’s talk about the solution to this problem.

First of all, if the valve has just been installed and started to use, it is recommended not to take any measures in this case. Use it for two or three days to let the temperature probe inside the valve adapt to the pressure of cold and hot water. Because of the new valve’s temperature probe is highly sensitive, and the adjustment speed of hot and cold water is relatively fast. When the piston moves inside the valve, the water outlet of the shower will be unstable.

If we want to speed up the adaptation process of this probe, we can add a little water to the solar energy. No matter whether there is water in the solar energy, add it directly. Generally, we can do it about five minutes. If the solar energy is far away from the valve, a little more time. Although the operation of this method is relatively simple, it is very effective.

Second, if the thermostatic shower valve is used for a period of time when this situation occurs, most of them are happening in spring or autumn. Because the temperature is largely different between day and night. The water outlet temperature may be normal, but the quantity is very unstable. We recommend that this situation should be handled according to the method of new valve.

Third, if the pressure difference between the cold and hot water pipes is very large in our home, for example, we live in a bungalow, the hot water uses solar energy, and the cold water uses tap water. Because the position of the solar water heater is relatively low, the pressure of hot water is low, while cold water is particularly high. In this case, the pressure difference between hot and cold water will be relatively large. If the valve outlet is unstable due to this situation, we suggest that the net with four holes in the accessory should be placed in the cold water inlet to replace the original filter net directly. In this way, the inlet pressure of cold water can be reduced, so as to solve the problem.

Finally, There is another point that needs special attention. When the pressure difference is very large between cold and hot water, not to use pressurized or switched shower head. These two kinds of shower have resistance, which will affect the valve.

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