MK-Shower Faucet HJ02

Pure copper casting, multi-layer electroplating appearance. Turn left the handle for the hot water and right for the cold. Interface standard, nondestructive installation.

Product Description:

MK-HJ02 is a classic style. The design is simple and generous, without too many edges and corners. The whole faucet is made of copper, and the outer side is multi-layer electroplating. It has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

On the basis of keeping a round appearance, we redesigned the interior of the valve. We increased the width of the channel inside, so that the water volume of the valve becomes larger.

If you don't want to use the thermostatic shower faucet, you can take a look at this one. A very traditional and classic style. Turn the middle handle to control the proportion of hot and cold water. We believe that this design will bring you a better shower experience. Imagine that when you take a bath, more water rushes onto your body. It will be a new experience.


Outlet water temperature range 0-100°C
Material Copper
Recommended pressure 0.1MPa-0.5MPa
Cold water supply temperature 0-30 °C
Hot water supply temperature 55-99 °C
Size of inlet G 3/4
Size of outlet G 1/2
The distance between the hot water inlet and cold water inlet 150mm
Separate down outlet none
Length 175mm
Height 112mm
Inner bore 25mm
Surface electroplated
Weight 914g
Adjustment mode rotating handle
Working Requirements For this shower to operate efficiently your water system will need to produce at least 0.5 bar of pressure, though we recommend 1.0 bar for best performance.

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